In 1986, Pendeta Za'ba College was known as the Ninth Residential College or The Youngest College. With the concept of the names of five residential blocks namely Arif, Cendekiawan, Pintar, Bijaksana and Bestari, Tn. Haji Ali has taken the initiative to change the name of the Ninth College to Pendeta Za'ba College.

Moving to the history of the establishment of Kolej Tun Perak, formerly known as the Eighth Residential College. All the blocks of KTP were named after the warriors who were sohorn in Malay history. Among the names of warriors adopted are Jebat, Lekiu, Lekir, Tuah and Kasturi. KTP is the first college to break the naming tradition of residential colleges in UPM by placing humanitarian values in the right place.

In 2019, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has established a plan involving the merging of departments, called the Governance Transformation Plan. The purpose of this plan is to maximize the use of workforces in improving the efficiency rate of service delivery. In responding to UPM's call in this plan, Kolej Pendeta Za'ba was merged with Kolej Tun Perak beginning in June 2019 and the restructuring of the principal and administration of the college was made.

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